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Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Pacific Ocean
Sep-Oct. 2005
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Kneeling: AD6E, NØAX, WA1S, DJ9ZB, NI6T. Standing: K6SRZ, N7CQQ, W6KK, N6HC, DJ5IW, VE7CT, KK6EK

UPDATE 6 Oct 2005: The K7C expedition has been completed successfully! Here is a Preliminary Summary of the operations and results.

A multi-disciplinary expedition to Kure Atoll, the northernmost Hawaiian atoll, will be carried out during Sept-Oct, 2005. The expedition team is an international group of highly experienced radio amateurs and field scientists. They will activate Kure for radio amateurs worldwide, using the callsign K7C, and also implement an innovative satellite-internet system ("DXA") for real-time display of the expedition activities. In addition to the radio operations, the team will carry out a variety of other activities in support of the wildlife sanctuary on Kure, and contribute to the maintenance and upgrading of the facilities on Kure.

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Kure Atoll is the northernmost coral atoll in the world. It lies some 2204 km NW of Honolulu, which is the point of departure for the expedition. The voyage will take about eight days to reach Kure. The team will spend about two weeks on the atoll, and then return to Honolulu.
Mouseover Kure Atoll to see aerial photograph
Kure Atoll
The atoll is roughly circular, about 10 km across. On the SE corner is Green Island, containing the remains of an airstrip, the former LORAN transmitting station, and a current research field station. Ninety kilometers to the ESE is Midway Island, location of the decisive naval battle of WWII.

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