Heard Island Expedition 1997 (Scoping Document)


Bob Allphin, K4UEE
4235 Blackland Dr.
Marietta, GA 30067
Tel: (770) 953-3828
Fax: (770) 953-6288

Bob, 51, was licensed in 1958 at the age of 13. Today, he is "Top of the DXCC" and only needs one country to complete DXCC (phone) and DXCC (CW). He is an active contester and has participated in numerous DX contests from his QTH in Aruba (P40R). In addition to many 1st and 2nd place finishes, he has set five Single Band/Single Operator world records,. Bob is also a DXpedition organizer and participant, using such calls as XF4DX, AH1A, XRØY, CEØZ, VP2KC, VP5KMX, K9GL/VP2V, J87J, PJ9W, and ZPØY. In all, Bob has visited 47 DXCC countries and operated from 22 countries. He is a low band enthusiast, and prefers CW. Other callsigns he has held are: KR6LY, VP2KAE, ZF2FX, J87UEE, J34UEE, T30EE, K4UEE/VP2V, K4UEE/C6A, 3A/K4UEE, PJ2/K4UEE, ZP5/K4UEE, TA1/K4UEE, HSØ/K4UEE, VR2K4UEE, KH6/K4UEE, and CE3/K4UEE. Recently, Bob participated in WRTC '96 (World Radio Team Championships), along with his partner N6IG, finishing 5th in the championship. Professionally, Bob is Division Sales Manager and Senior Vice President in Wood Logan Associates, a company that markets mutual funds and annuities. He has been married 29 years, and has 2 grown children. He has a B. S. degree from Auburn University and an M.B.A. from Golden Gate University.

Igor Booklan ("Harry"), RA3AUU
P. O. Box 18
Moscow 109457
Tel and Fax: +7 095 172 6391

Harry is an electronics engineer, and works for a communication company in Moskow. At age 27, he is the youngest on the team. Licensed since 1982, Harry is a versatile fast cw and phone op, experience DXpeditioner and contester (5BDXCC, 5BWAZ, DXCC Honor Roll, DXCC 160). He was active as RV4F/RA3AUU, 4L4F, RU6L, RK3B, RU3A, R3HQ, and guest op of OT4T. Then it was DXpedition time: XYØRR, 1SØRR, XV3UU, XE2/RA3AUU, XF4M, and most recently R1MVI, in Sept. 1995. He used to compete in the ex-USSR radio pentatlon competition, and became a champion for far east USSR.

James Brooks, 9V1YC
26 Jalan Asas
Singapore 678787
Tel: (65)-766-0201
Fax: (65)-766-2040

James has lived in Singapore for 7 years, and is a serious CW contester. He set Asian records at VS6WO 2 years in a row and the low-power Asian record a few years back for WPX CW. He also holds the callsign XUØAA in Cambodia for his expedition durng 1990. Previous expeditions: KB1CM/KH8, KB1CM/4X, 5W1FR, ZK1XM, VU2ZAB, VR2/KB1CM. James currently own a video post & design company in Singapore that specializes in documantaires (corporate & commercial), TV commercials, Openings, and Graphic packages (animation). Travel to China on occasion for filming, but most of his work is regional SE Asia & Hong Kong. He was previously an antenna design enginner with an Australian/SE Asian manufacturer of broadcast & cellular antennas. Following that was head of video post production (enginnering) for the Singapore Broadcasting Corp until 1995, when he started his current company. He speaks English & Mandarin (Chinese) in addition to a little bit of other Chinese dialects.

Hans R. Burki, HB9BHW
Chelleracherstr. 2
8308 Illnau , Switzerland
Tel: +41 52 346 19 13
Born 1939. Apprenticeship as a Precision-Mechanic in the textile-branch. Served as Radio-telegaphist in the Swiss-Army. 1960 Swissair employed me as an Aircraft-Mechanic. Aircraft type where DC-8, CV 990 and Caravelle. From 1963-65 I emigrated to Australia. Then again with Swissair, stationed in London as a Station-Mechanic. Married 1966. We have 2 children. 1969 Swiss Aviation School where I finished to be Flight-Engineer on DC-8 (6 years) later on DC-10 (16 years). During the 23 years of flying mainly long-range, I was teaching aircraft systems to Cockpit personnel. 1992 I left Swissair and started a new job with Schumperlin Avionics. I do lots of mechanical repairs and also some electronics on HF and satelite-equipment.

Peter E. O. C. Casier, ON6TT
Oude Heerbaan 30
B-9230 Wettern, Belgium
Tel: +32 93 69 69 46

Licensed since only 1989, Peter is mainly a phone and RTTY op. He is an active contester and expeditioner. He was the co-organiser of the 3YØPI effort. Previously, he was also part of the AH1A and FOØCI expeditions and operated as 5X1T, 9U5CW, 5Z4DU, 9Q5TT, 4U9Q, D3T, D2TT, TU4FE, T30AJ, VK6ATT, VP8BZL, VP8CPH, VP8CBE, 4K1F, C30EMA, 4U1ITU 4UØITU, 7Q7XT, 4U/ON6TT, /C3, /LX, /GU, /GJ,.. He contested from OT2T, OT3T, OT4T, OT5T, OT2A, OQ7AR,..., and holds a number of national and continental contest records. He is an officer of the European DX Foundation and a member of the CQWW DX contest committee. Peter was trained as a printing engineer, always worked in the computer world before switching over to become a telecom consultant for the UN and the Red Cross. These days, he is the regional telecoms manager for the United Nations World Food Programme, based in Uganda.

Robert Fabry, PhD, N6EK
1175 Colusa Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707
Tel: (510) 527-7655

Bob is retired from the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley. Among other accomplishments at the University, he founded, and for many years led, the project which created Berkeley UNIX. Licensed since 1957, Bob is a phone and cw contest op. He has been active as VP5Y, N6EK/C6A, XE2GBD, N6EK/VE7, N6EK/1 (NA-148), HD8D, N6EK/HC8, XE2GBD/XF3 (NA-90), J76EK, XE2/N6EK/XF1 (NA-189), 3D2EK (OC-121/OC-156) and AL7EL/KH9. He is active in many contests and has won California in the the single-operator all-band category in the SSB World-Wide DX Contest. Bob is an advisor to the Northern California DX Foundation, for whom he designed and fabricated their new beacon system. He is a member of the Northern California Contest Club and the Northern California DX Club.

Ralph Fedor, MD, KØIR
3437 Granite View Rd.
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Tel: (612) 253-2257
Fax: (612) 255-5730

Ralph is a medical doctor, with specialty in diagnostic radiology. He was first licensed in 1961 as WAØABU; he has held KØIR since 1976. He has been involved in many aspects of amateur radio, but has always gravitated back to DXing and contesting, especially on CW. He is active on all bands from 1.8 to 1296 MHz. He holds most of the popular awards relating to DXing. Ralph is a member of the St. Cloud Radio Club, Northern Minnesota DX Association, Northern California DX Foundation, and the International DX Association. He is an honorary member Twin City DX Association. Ralph was a member of the 1992 VP8SSI DXpedition team. After the SSI DXpedition, he was asked to organize and lead the DXpedition to Peter I. That expedition was widely celebrated as one of the most successful of all time. He was the prime organizer for the 1995 attempt on Heard Island, and remains involved in guiding the 1997 expedition. He and his wife Saundy and their four children enjoy their country acreage, where Saundy cultivates flowers and he grows antennas.

Al Hernandez, K3VN (WA3YVN)
P. O. Box 2235
Melbourne, FL 32902
Tel: (407) 727-0201
Fax: (407) 728-8072

Alberto Hernanedz, K3VN (ex WA3YVN) Al is an electronics engineer with more than 30 technical publications and two patents in electronic interference research and radio communications. He has published several expedition articles and contributed a chapter to the book Antarctica: A New Look. As a member of the U.S. Antarctic Research Program, Al participated in over 15 research expeditions and has the distinction of having crossed the "terrible" Drake Passage, off Cape Horn, 18 times as a crew member aboard the National Science Foundation Research Vessel HERO. He is a licensed Radio Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine and is a Master Scuba diver and photographer. He is an active expeditioner and recently organized the expedition to South Georgia Island, VP8SGP and co-organized the VP8SSI expedition to South Sandwich Island. During three years of active exploration in Antarctica he activated Deception Island LU1ZC in the South Shetlands and operated from Palmer station KC4USP, South Orkney Islands LU1/KC4AAB, King George Island 4K1/KC4AAB and the R/V HERO KC4AAB/MM. He is a Fellow in the Explorers Club and is a member of the American Polar Society, Florida Academy of Sciences, Sigma XI - The Scientific Research Society, Radio Society of Great Britain and the American Radio Relay League. Additional licenses and/or operations: VP8CBC, 3YØC, CE8/WA3YVN, LU1AKO, C6AHI, XX9TWA, VR2/WA3YVN, ZD8/WA3YVN and most recently BT1DX from China.

Glenn Johnson, MD, WØGJ (exWAØPUJ)
14164 Irvine Ave NW
Bemidji, MN 56601
Tel: (218) 243-2611
Fax: (218) 243-2918
Cluster: WØGJ@WØGJ

Glenn has been DXing and contesting since the age of 15 in 1965. Glenn is currently licensed as VO2GJ, VP2EZ, and ZF2RT. He has recently operated on the CQWW multiop teams of VO2WL and V59T and on the ARRL multiop teams of VP5H and ZF2RX. His wife Vivien is KL7YL (also ZF2RU). He and Vivien home-school their 4 children. Melissa, 12, NØYPC & ZF2WL, was firstlicensed at age 8. Mark, 10, KBØNLC, was first licensed at age 7. Paul, 8, and Carrie, 6, have both learned the code and are studying for their licenses. The family contests as The Johnson Joules with their "club" call, KBØTDC. They live on the continental (Laurentian) divide in the north woods of Minnesota. Glenn operates a PacketCluster node in the Northern Minnesota DX Association. In real life, Glenn is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in total joint replacement and fracture care. He also flies a floatplane in the summer when the bands are dead or he's not putting up big towers and antennas.

Wes Lamboley, W8FMG
690 Hunterhill Way
Roswell, GA 30075
Tel: (770) 642-2087
Fax: (770) 497-5555

Wes is a Manager with Rockwell International and is responsible for theEngineering Computing, Simulation, CAD tools and Laboratories at the Duluth,Georgia site. He has been an active hamsince 1954 and has operated fromVK4, J28, KX6 and XR0. He provided a cover story to QST in April, 1972, andwas the Great Lakes Division Convention Chairman in 1975. He and his wife,Bev, have two children (Lisa and Joe) and live near Atlanta. They enjoycamping, bicycling, hiking,squaredancing, and doting on their grandchildren(Mariah and Sarah)!!

Mike McGirr, MD, K9AJ
3441 W. Oak Hill Drive
Crete, IL 60417
Tel: (708) 534-2370
Fax: (708) 534-2391

K9AJ, Mike McGirr, was first licensed in 1963 at the age of 16. Mike grew up in New Jersey, and lived on the east coast until residency training at the Univ of Chicago brought him to the midwest. Mike is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine & an examiner for the oral exams given by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Mike is an avid DX'er & prefers CW-especially on low bands & WARC. K9AJ is on the top of the mixed & CW DXCC honor rolls & was the first midwest station to work 5 band WAZ. Past operations include: 4S7AJG, 8Q7AJ, 8Q7BQ, HC8X, XF4DX, T32BJ, K9AJ/KH5K, AH1A, T30AJ & J3J. Mike's XYL (Sue) is KA9RHK who helps run the K9AJ PacketCluster node. Mike & Sue have 4 children ranging in age from 12 to 19.

Arno Metzler, OE9AMJ
Tel: +43 5572 23 505 (w)
Tel: +43 5572 29 496 (h)
FAX (w): +42 5572 23 50 54
e-mail: OE9AMJ@computerhaus.at

Arno is 40. Arno has been active for 20 years as a ham, in CW and SSB. He has logged more than 300 countries. He enjoys amateur radio direction finding, for which he was several times the Austrian champion. He is the organizer of the annual all-OE 40/80m contest, which he won first place two times and made two times the third place. He is QRV 23 cm + 13 cm with his 5 ft. dish. Arno was trained as an electrician, but he's been a self-employed businessman for 20 years. He trades with bubble gum, small toys and costume jewelery. He and his wife Helga have 3 children.

Michael A. Mraz, N6MZ
15526 SE 50th Street
Bellevue, Washington 98006
(206) 643-0086
(206) 806-0746 (f)

Michael was first licensed in 1966 at age 11, and has held N6MZ since 1977. He is an avid CW DXer and contester, but also enjoys SSB and the digital modes. Michael is a builder and experimenter, has restored many tube-type "boatanchors," and enjoys modifying commercial transceivers; he published a QST article as a result of one of his modifications to the ICOM IC-765.Michael also enjoys experimenting with antennas, and has field-tested several new antennas for Telex/Hy-Gain. He is a life member of the ARRL, a DXCC member, and a member of the Western Washington DX Club. Michael received his BS degree in electrical engineering from Ohio State, where he was very fortunate to work with and study under Dr. John Kraus, W8JK. When not chasing new ones, he loves sailing, scuba diving, bicycling, cross-country skiing, and opera.

David Muller, VK2JDM (ex. VK2TQM)
2 Eva Place
Northmead, New South Wales 2152
Tel: +61 2 898 7426
Tel: +61 2 630 8802
Fax: +61 2 638 1798
GEC Electronics - Rydalmere Australia
Company tel: +612 638 1888
Company fax:+612 638 1798

David has been involved in radio and electronics since the age of 12. He is the holder of VK2JDM (ex VK2TQM) (LAOCP), currently upgrading to full call. Interests include VHF, UHF voice, Packet, SSTV and HF operation. He is involved with the Parrammatta Amateur Radio Club, where he has helped with the construction, installation and maintenance of the clubs 2M repeater, planning and involvement in the clubs DX-perdition to the Barrington Tops area in NSW Australia, and the Scout Association with J.O.T.A..

He served 6 years in the Department of Defense Army Reserve, attached to the Signals Section of an Officer Training Regiment, where he was directly involved in the establishment, maintenance and running of many operational and strategic communications systems. He is actively involved in the State Emergency Service, holding several positions, including: Rescue Team Member and Communications Officer, in which capacity he was responsible for all communications requirements, including HF, VHF, UHF plus phone/fax services and other communications methods. He drafted the "Radio Operators Handbook," used as the "standard" training manual for all SES units state wide by the State Government. As Local Controller, his responsibilities includ command and control of operational resources, plus the development of Standard Operating Procedures, including disaster plans, command and control of resources in response to a disaster, disaster planning and preparation and training and education of both members of the service plus the public. He was directly involved with the1986 Major Flood and storms in Sydney, Newcastle Earthquake 1992 Kurringai Tornado, the 1994 Sydney/NSW Bush Fires plus many other smaller operations.

He has the following skills and certifications: First Aid, Flood Boat Operator, Instructional Techniques Certified, Basic Rescue Certified, Advanced Rescue, and Communications. His skills include, knots and lashings, abseiling and vertical rope techniques for rescue and recovery from hights or depths, rescue methods and principals, hydraulics, lifting and hauling methods, cutting, lighting and power generation, pumping and flood management.

David is currently employed by GEC Electronicsa (a supplier of electronic components to original equipment manufactures, engineering and design services, sales, marketing and servicing of test and measurement equipment predominately RF related) as Operations and Quality Assurance Manager. His responsibilities encompass the MIS system that covers both Australia and New Zealand, internet email and management of our WWW service (URL is http://www.gec.com.au), all warehousing distribution activities, all purchasing and logistics, staff training and development, corporate strategic planning, strategic alliancing/customer partnerships, business development, QA certification and TQM development.

David is married with two children. Alexis 4 years and Renee 16 months.

Carlos Nascimento PhD, NP4IW
2061 Magnolia Way
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Tel: (510) 935-2768
Fax: (510) 655-8453

Carlos is a biochemist with Chiron Corporation, with more than 50 technical publications and 2 U.S. patents. He was born and raised in Chile, and has family and professional connections there. For a few years lived in Puerto Rico, where he was licensed with his present Extra Class. He also holds an Extra Class license in Chile, being CE3AQI. After moving to California, he became active in the Northern California Contest Club (NCCC). He was one of the organizers (with KK6EK) of the 1995 Easter Island/Salas y Gómez expedition. He personally led the expedition to SyG (XRØZ), resulting in a new IOTA (SA-083).

Arie Nugteren, PA3DUU
Dorpsstraat 71, 2969 AD
Oud-Alblas, Netherlands
Tel: +31 184 620 676
Fax: +31 184 617 653

Arie will be responsible for the commercial satellite telephone and fax links. Licensed since 1983, Arie is a satellite and VHF freak who recently picked up RTTY. He is a very precise and systematic op who will never miss a sat opening while on expedition. He run sat/6 m on the FOØCI ('92) and AH1A ('93) expeditions. He was active as T3ØDUU, and run sat and rtty as 7Q7AN this year. Arie operated the Morokulien HAM-station (a ficticious country situated right on the border between
LA and SM) as SJ9WL/LG5LG 3 times, mainly on VHF and 6 meters. On Heard Island he will do satellite and part of the RTTY operation. Arie is an economist, who works as a production manager in a fruit and nuts plant. While preparing for this trip, Arie helped with the sponsoring quest and the search for a flexible link from the island to Internet.

Ghis Penny, ON5NT
Lindestraat 46
B-9880 Aalter
Tel: +32 93 74 29 38
Mobile: +32 95 20 59 59
Ghis was born Dec. 10, 1947. He is married, with two daughters. He was licensed in 1966, and started DX-ing in 1973. He is on the Honor ROll #1 in CW, Phone, and Mixed. Operates CW and SB on all 9 HF modes, and is a great fan of the lowbands. His scores are: 160 m, 219; 80 m, 297; 40 m, 324; total DXCC score 2714. He holds 5BDXCC, 5BWAS, and 5BWAZ. He needs only 1 more to complete WAZ on 160.
Ghis went on the DXpedition to Benin as TYA11 in 1981, and to Burundi as 9U5JB in 1985, both as a guest-operator. He has operated from AP, CE, CX, LU, VU, YU, 4U11TU, 4U1VIC, and 7X. Other calls he has operated with are: XX9TNT, ON5NT/BV, /CT, /HBØ, /IT84, /LX, /VR2, /5N¸Ø, /6W1, and EA/ON5NT, F/,GM/, LA/, OE/, OZ/. Back home he has used the following calls: ON50/5NT, OO5NT, OR5NT, OS5NT, OT5NT, and ON9CDX.
Ghis also works the IOTA program. He has 825+ confirmed. He activated EU-038 as ON5NT/PA, EU-146 twice as PA/ON5N, and EU-096 as OH1/ON5NT. He was a member of the first DXpedition to "Les Sept Isles" EU-107 as FV8NDX and operated as FV9NDX (single op) from EU-074, EU-105, and again EU-107.
He is also QSL manager for 9Q5TT, D2TT, D3T, 4U9Q, 7Q7XT, 5X1T, all calls belonging to Peter ON6TT, and for 9X/ON4WW, 9X1A, and 9X4WW (all recent operations). He also took care of N4HX's QSLs when he was QRV as N4HX/TT8, TYA11, and 9U5JB between 1979 and 1986.
Ghis has a technical background in electronics, but ended up as sales manager in consumenr telecom equipment. He enjoys building peripheral equipment for his station, and loves to play around with beverage antennas in the middle of winter and in extremem wet fields!


Willy Ruesch, PhD, HB9AHL
Hallwylstrasse 4
CH-5000 Aarau
Tel and fax: +41 62 822 06 09

Licensed since the age of 17, Willy is a CW and phone op, DXer (Top of Honor Roll, 5BWAZ, 5BWAS/5BDXCC,..) and an experienced expeditioner. He was previously active as SV1DB/A (Athos'73), TI9FAG ('75), FOØXC (Clipperton'78), 3Y5X (Bouvet'89-90), NØAFW/KH5 and N9NS/KH5K ('93), 3YØPI ('94), and operated as VP8BZL (Falklands'94). Willy is a doctor of science technology and works as a forest engineer for the Swiss government.

Michel Sabatino, EA8AFJ
Casela postale 137
I-50012 Bagno A Ripoli(FI)
Tel: + 39 55 6510440

I'm 36 years old. I was first licenced in 1988 as EB8BTK, and worked digital and voice satellite. When upgraded to EA8AFJ, I spent most of my radio time to DXing and Contesting, still leaving a little time to digital modes (RTTY, packet, pactor...). I was born in Belgium where I studied until the end of my high school, and than move in 1978 to the Canary Islands (Tenerife), where I have been an importer, wholesaler and retailer of Chinese handycraft products. Since August of this year I have been in Florence (Italy). I'm still studying what kind of business to do: probabily some internet related business. Married since 1989 with Cinzia, I have 2 children : Matias(6) and Alicia(3).

Robert Schmieder, PhD, KK6EK
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596 USA
Tel and fax: (925) 934-3735

Bob is a physicist, with more than 80 technical publications, 2 patents, and numerous popular articles. He is the Founder and Expedition Leader of Cordell Expeditions, a nonprofit research group begun in 1977. The group is responsible for the creation of the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, which was designated entirely on the basis of results from Cordell Expeditions.
Bob was a participant in the 1994 expedition to Peter I Island, Antarctica, 3YØPI, where in addition to radio operations, he carried out a program of sampling and chemical analysis of the environment. He was the organizer and co-Expedition Leader of the 1995 expedition to Easter Island/Salas y Gómez, XRØY/Z, which included 32 participants for 3 weeks. Licensed since 1962, he now holds an Extra Class license. He is active in Islands on the Air (IOTA), having activated five New Ones: Farallons, NA-178; Guadalupe, NA-179; Roqueta, NA-183; Northern California Group, NA-184; and Central California Group, NA-187. Other calls he has held are XF1/KK6EK, VP8CPK, 4K1/KK6EK, CEØ/KK6EK, VK6EKK, and VKØEK.
Bob is the author of five books derived from his expeditions: Ecology of an Underwater Island; Edward Cordell and the Discovery of Cordell Bank; Rocas Alijos; 3YØPI Peter I Island 1994 DXpedition; DX-Aku: Messages from the 1995 Easter Island DXpedition. He is a Fellow of the Explorers Club and current Chairman of its Northern California Chapter. He is honored by Schmieder Bank (a rocky bank in the eastern Pacific), Codium schmiederi (an alga), Erylus schmiederi (a sponge), Pharia pyramidata schmiederi (a starfish), and Megalomphalus schmiederi, (a gastropod). He has been listed in almost every Who's Who in the world, including Who's Who in the World. He is the owner and operator of a research vessel, the Cordell Explorer.
Bob's professional work has been in atomic physics, spectroscopy, ion sources, tritium, combustion physics and chemistry, X-ray lasers, laser spark spectroscopy, and plasma physics. Most recently, his interests have turned to collective dynamics, large-scale distributed computing, artificial life, and ecosystem modeling.

HB9AFI Kurt Wetter
Av. de la Piscine, 20
CH 1020 Renens/VD

Kurt, age 56, married to Luciana. no children.

Ham since 1964. Enjoying CW and SSB DX-ing and contesting.
Obtained DXCC-Honorroll, IOTA-Honorroll, USA-CA all-counties-
trophy. Been active as 3A0HM, HB0, C30EUA, S79FI, 4U1ITU,
VK3FBL/7 (OC-195) and VK3FBL/p (OC-196). Member of HB9MM
club where he won serveral times H26 national contest. Other
interests are radio direction finding, hiking, cross country skiing
and travelling. Curt is professionnaly an interior-decorator and

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