Heard Island Expedition 1997 (Planning Document)

This document contains developing plans for the 1997 Cordell Expedition to Heard Island. It is meant to be a working document for participants in the project. The information contained in this document should be considered tentative, and may be changed as the project evolves. For the current status of the project, please contact Cordell Expeditions (address below).


The Heard Island project is probably the most complicated amateur radio expedition ever attempted. The twin requirements of safety and efficiency in a remote and hostile environment combine to produce a challenge even to well-funded governmental organizations and professional field operators. Adding the requirement to do this within the confines of the amateur radio community makes planning not merely a convenience, but an absolute necessity.

The central tool for organizing the 1997 HI project was the establishment of a czar system. A project czar is a person with the responsibility for, and the power to carry out, a significant component of the project. Following a period of brainstorming, the expedition leaders established a set of czars for HI97. Nearly all the czars produced planning documents that outlined their area of responsibility and their plan for meeting that responsibility.

The documents accessible through the following links are essentially the czar's plans. They are dynamic documents, and will change during the course of the project. They are made accesible here so that you can share in the planning process. If you wish to contribute suggestions to the czars, or to the expedition leaders, please feel free to contact them. e-mail links are provided with each document.

Other members of the team, not formally designated czars, are developing additional plans for the expedition. The following links provide access to some of these documents and data. Again, these must be considered working docuements subject to continual change.

These documents provide detailed descriptions of all aspects of the project.

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All or portions of these documents may be freely copied, but please quote the source.

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