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Cordell Expeditions is pleased to announce ascientific expedition to Clipperton Island, March, 2013. We will use the vessel Shogun from San Diego.

The goals of the project are:

  • Conduct amateur radio operations to enable amateurs to make a contact with Clipperton;
  • Implement an advanced version of the real-time online log website DXA;
  • Carry out activites in support of the wildlife sanctuary and facilities on Clipperton Island.

The first goal of the DXpedition is to enable as many contacts with Clipperton for as many different radio amateurs as possible. To this end we will field a highly experienced team of up to 24 operators and up to 11 active stations. The motivation for this is to participate in the worldwide activity of amateur radio, using it as a tool for fraternity and information. Optimistically, we are hoping for good conditioins, to enable us to make more than 100,000 contacts with up to 30,000 different stations during the expedition. We will favor making contacts with stations needing Clipperton for the first time, but all DXers are welcome to contact us.

The callsign for the operation will be TX5K.

The second goal of the radio operation is to deploy and use DXA (version 2). Developed by KK6EK for the 2005 Kure Atoll DXpedition K7C, this system comprises a satellite link from the DXpedition site to a land-based server, and software to enable quasi-real-time communications between the DXpedition site and the server, including direct interaction with DXers. The system is described in various documents available at www.cordell.org/DXA and is available in a working simulated expedition mode on this website (click here). The purpose of DXA is to provide a nearly real-time presentation of the radio log as an aid to DXers wanting to make a contact with the DXpedition. The system reduces the need for duplicate (insurance) contacts, provides an engrossing view of the ongoing operation of the DXpedition, and enhances the integrity and accuracy of the log.

The third goal is to contribute to ongoing research and monitoring of the environment at Clipperton. The team will carry out several scientific projects, including:

  • Search for possible infestation by the extreme pest ant Pheidole megacephala (the big-headed ant).
  • Collection of representative specimens of marine algae for colleagues the Jepsen Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Collection of airborne insects
  • Search for transitional meiofauna between the ocean and lagoon.
  • Observation of feeding behavior of flightless masked boobies
  • Observation of invasive rats.

This project is being managed by Cordell Expeditions, a nonprofit research group based in Walnut Creek, California. The group has fielded expeditions to remote sites for more than 25 years. Among other projects, Cordell Expeditions provided the scientific basis for designation of the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

The principal organizers of this project are: Dr. Robert W. Schmieder, KK6EK; Christian Janssen DL1MGB; and Carlos Nascimento NP4IW.

This expedition is closely related to the 2014 Heard Island Expedition, being planned concurrently by Cordell Expeditions. Please see a short document explaining this relationship.

It is policy of this project to observe and operate within all permits, regulations, and recommendations of the various agencies with interest in Clipperton Island, with particular attention to minimizing impact on the ecosystem. Safety and minimal impact to the Clipperton Island environment have priority in this operation.

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