(Left to right) N7XG, W6OP, and KK6EK (Visalia, 2012)

I am a computer programmer in Stockton, California. I have been a ham since approximately 1979.

I like to experiment with vertical antennas and currently have a SteppIR BigIR III for 80 through 10 meters, switched phased verticals on 20 meters and a triangle array with a WX0B StackMatch on 17 meters.

Recently I built a Moxon for 10 meters. I can only put it up about 17 feet but it works great. Highly recommended for those that don't have a lot of room or need to operate in stealth mode. When I can barely hear someone on the vertical I can work them on the Moxon.

I also have a 29 foot vertical that is base loaded with a capacity hat for 160 meters. It is on a tiltover mount since I cannot have visible antennas here. The capacity hat has easily removable spokes I use as a way to move my resonance point and effectively increase the usable bandwidth. Hidden in a Pine tree are stacked loops with the lowest at 30 feet for 6 meters.

I operate primarily SSB, PSK31 and RTTY with a little CW.

Note: I collect foreign currency so stations outside N. America may QSL with their local currency, any small paper bill in good condition. The smallest amount is fine. It does not have to equal return postage. Bureau cards will be returned direct.

Robert W. Schmieder, PhD
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, California 94596 USA

(925) 934-3735 (voice and fax)
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