My interest in radio communications began in the early fifties. I still remember listening to the radio, an old and huge, in a little kid view, receiver settled on the living hall. The CW sounds were pure magic, despite of not having a single clue of what was being sent, those sounds and smells, yes tubes do smell, have somehow etched me in an indelible way.

I'm DXCC top honnor roll on mixed and phone modes, just waiting for a valid operation from P5 to have them all on CW. I've just re-started with RTTY. I am an avid student of the propagation mysteries mainly on low bands.

I'm civil engineer, graduated in 1971, presently partially retired.

During the week work days I do live in Sao Paulo, a very noisy city, moving in to a lovely place to spent the weekends where real antennas are assembled, to see this please stop by at www.py2yp.com.

Robert W. Schmieder, PhD
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, California 94596 USA

(925) 934-3735 (voice and fax)
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