Something about me.

Born June 1964. Married, close to 20 years now, with Anna, no children.

Graduate Diploma from Copenhagen Business High school (CBS) in Management Accounting & Information technology (2003) and Supply Chain Management (2009)

Main occupation in Supply Chain/Procurement, but have earlier worked within Human Resources. Also old nightshift production worker; 1982-1994, only separated by the mandatory Danish Military Services 1983-84 Afterwards enrolled in the Danish Territorial Army as Sergeant and ending as Master Sergeant and instructor . Honourably discharged after 20 years of service..

Worked for some of the major companies in Denmark, A.P. Moeller-Maersk, ECCO, Rockwool, Motorola, SAP...

Language; Danish (native) English and German (second native language).


Licensed in 1982.

Doing both SSB and CW. CW speed is somewhere around 25 and 27 – in contest 28 to 33 wpm, depending on how fresh one is, and what type of contest it is (o;

Lately also started to run a little RTTY and PSK from time to time.

Working hard to get my DXCC 250, a few more to be sure. Also close to the Worked All Japaneese Areas.

Bit of an antenna "buff" - on the practical side! Done some writing on the antennas made.

Some has been published in OZ (our national HAM magazine). On antennas, I have learned from some good old guys in OZ (SK) that either you have tried making it – and failed or it may have or even worked - or you better not come around here talking about what can and cannot be done. Good school for antenna-works!


Contesting, with my own callsign or as a participant at a club or contest station. Majors here are SAC SSB and CW, CQ WW + CQ WPX SSB and CW, ARRL International DX SSB and CW,– but also have done a few RTTY contests’- one even with a new Danish record without knowing it. And wouldn’t miss the fun in an RDXC. Sometimes even starting out only wanting to give some points, but ending up being in it …

Station callsigns:

OZ7A our local clubstation, OZZ5E, the big station and 3D2A, contesting from a pile-up callsign. All 3 call signs contain some records for the contests participated in. OZ2SPACE, OZ1RDN and OZ5MAY plus recently 5P12EU as special callsign/special event stations

Log programs which I am most familiar with in contest and DXpedition-use; N1MM and Win-Test.

Participating in both the National VHF/UHF and HF field days. Having great fun with it!

Maybe it is the EX-recon soldier, which likes it a bit ‘primitive’ sometimes?

I am in it for both the antenna-works and the operations afterward. In OZ the field day is mostly SSB only, which is a pity. Sometimes taking on a band single-handed for more than 8 hours. Did you say old nightshift production worker?


JW5E / JW/OZ1IKY Svaldbard, summer 2010 for 5 days together with Thomas OZ1AA/OY3AA and Alex OZ7AM. IOTA contest. And this trip was completely spontaneous, without any prior bigger planning.

3D2A / 3D2DX Fiji, March 2011; Together with Eddie, VK4AN. Going to the other side of the globe and doing radio with totally unknown people! Was a nice experience – and Eddie’s humour was great. Eddie’s best medicine against Jet-Lag? Put the man at the radio and let him work the pile-ups! It actually works! BARTG RTTY, Russian DX (1’st place Single OP low power Oceania) and CQ WPX SSB (1’st place Oceania multi-1)

PJ4C January 2012, Bonaire with the F6KOP Team. Great time, great team, great expedition. We managed over 84000 QSO’s and F6KOP got back their RTTY DXpedition World Record. My first, but not last time together with these guys. Also not the last time in a DXpedition as a bigger team.

… where do we go next?

Robert W. Schmieder, PhD
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, California 94596 USA

(925) 934-3735 (voice and fax)
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