I was first licensed as a Novice in 1971 and presently hold an Extra Class license. My educational background is in Computer Science and Information Science, holding degrees from Louisiana State University in both areas. My work history is the the computer technology field. I have managed and developed commercial and custom hardware and software solutions and teams. My radio interests have run the range from 1/2w QRP stations to large array EME efforts. I am presently active on HF - 432 in both SSB and Digital Modes. A glimpse of my radio activities can be seen at www.kf4zz.com.

I have been able to plan and enjoy three DXpeditions with the Prairie DX Group. This team was established in the late 1990s in Chicago and has been able to keep connected over the last 15 years. In 1998 the team in Miquelon (FP/N9PD) was able to introduce online logging to the amateur community. It was exciting to make an SSB contact to Europe and have the operator comment on seeing his call in the log while still in QSO. In 2000 we added a live web cam to the mix and went to Vanuatu (YJ0PD). The list trip was Saba (PJ6T) in October of 2011. We ran an multi-multi using two Flex-1500s. I learned a bit about this class of radios in a short period of time.

I presently live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. (1250’ from Gulf of Mexico) with my wife Kay-KB9QYM.

Robert W. Schmieder, PhD
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, California 94596 USA

(925) 934-3735 (voice and fax)
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