Christian has been working on Clipperton since 1993, when he was positioned at the University of New Caledonia. His first landing on Clipperton Island was in 1997 with the Mexican Expedition SURPACLIP, directed by Dra Viviane Solis-Weiss with the oceanographic vessel El Puma from UNAM. He then prepared another expedition and went again to the island in 2001 for studying the evolution of the environment, assisted by the French Navy. Among a production of more than a hundred and twenty scientific papers, twenty-two are dedicated to Clipperton, plus one scientific video movie and the website He also founded in 2008 “Clipperton – Projets d’outre-mer”, a French network of scientific, economic and geostrategic monitoring on French uninhabited islands.

He is at present Professor of Geography and Development at the University of French Polynesia in Tahiti. Member of the Research Consortium “Oceanian Insular Ecosystems” UMR 241, he is also the Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Languages and Literature at UFP. Specialized in the Souths and Tropical regions, he has been working more than thirty five years in Africa, Asia and in the Pacific region, from Zaïre to Tahiti, through India (2y), Rwanda, on Mountain gorillas ecosystem and water management (PhD) (7y), Cameroun (1y), Togo (3y), Australia (1y), New Caledonia, (11y), then Paris (CNRS), and Metz (France) where he was director of the Centre for Research in Geography EA 1105 during five years before coming back to Pacific and French Polynesia in 2011.

He has been widely invited to give conferences, master or doctorate seminars, or participate to international workshops and congress in places such as Québec, Rio de Janeiro, Galapagos invited by the Charles Darwin Foundation, Tioumen in Siberia, Russia, or Agadir and Fès, Marocco, Cuba, Hawaii, Mexico, Sydney, Uni. Sydney, Fiji islands, Vanuatu, etc.

Among trips and adventures

Clipperton island twice: 1997, 2001. Road trips by car from Congo Kinshasa to France, or from France to Southern Russia, or France-Iran, or by motorbike, from Rwanda to Malawi back;
Mountain treks: Africa : Ruwenzori glacier, Mt Karisimbi, Mt Kenya. India: Himalaya trek
And other travels in Africa, South-East Asia, Central Asia (Silk Road).
He knows nothing about Amateur Radio and has only a N1 level in Scuba diving.
He describes himself as one of the fools (=fool=booby) of Clipperton Island!


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