First license in 1978, I immediately interested in the DX and contest, all in ssb. and after 5BDXCC 5BWAZ in 2002 came the # 1DXCC Phone.

ACTIVITIES: new IOTA reference with my friends 3V8DJ AF-083, 3V8BT AF-073,

AF-092 3V8KO several times 3V8BB, TS8ZA, TS5I, more Italian Island IA5C, IA5P, IB0P PREVIOUS CALLl: T32JB, 6V7V, VK9CJW, VU4AN/VU2MYH, 5R8HH, 6Y6Y (1997), S75S, VP29EI, 5H1HW (1996-2006), ZK1HW, 3D2HW, ZF2PX, FO0/I5JHW, 9Y4/I5JHW, VP5/I5JHW, 6Y5 / I5JHW, V2/I5JHW, CN2HW, CN5I, XE3/I5JHW, J48HW (2000), 3B8/I5JHW, 8Q7CG (1985-1986-1996-2002), ZK1XO (1988) the last two years I started in CW, and I have 150 entities confirmed, but I prefer SSB and RTTY.

I'm retired now, and after more than 35 years of radio, still my passion is DX.

Robert W. Schmieder, PhD
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, California 94596 USA

(925) 934-3735 (voice and fax)
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