Dan Prunty Memorial Exploration Grant

Dan Prunty

Memorial Exploration Grant

Allopora californica, by Dan Prunty, 1989

Presented by Cordell Expeditions to


in recognition of exceptional accomplishment in the field of exploration

To be given to a developing explorer who shows enthusiasm and understanding of the traditional spirit of exploration, with special emphasis on personally exploring the ocean through scuba diving.

The cash award will be up to $500, to be used for acquisition of supplies and equipment for a project relating to field science, exploration, or for scientific materials acquired during an expedition.

The grant is established and administered by Cordell Expeditions, and will be given four times. Principal donors were members of Dan Prunty's family and Cordell Expeditions.

This grant honors our dear friend Dan Prunty.

Guidelines for preparing applications

Inquiries and contributions may be sent to:

Dan Prunty Memorial Exploration Grant
% Cordell Expeditions
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

or contact Cordell Expeditions directly: info@cordell.org