Guidelines for preparing grant applications
Application for the Prunty Grant must be submitted in writing. You may use the following guidelines in preparing the application, although you may use any format that best presents your information. Applications may be submitted by one person, or by a group planning to work together on the project.
1. Application
The application should be typed, single-sided, on standard size pages. It should include the following information:
  • Title page, including title, name(s), date, abstract, contact information
  • Background and motivation for the project
  • Procedure, equipment, and resources to be used, in the field and in the lab
  • Results expected from the project
  • References, or other sources of information you will use
Each of these sections should be about 1 page long, making the entire proposal about 5 pages long.
2. Resume

Please provide a brief description of the person(s) submitting the proposal, their interests, any relevant experience, and possible plans for the future.

3. Recommendation

Please provide at least one recommendation from a teacher, colleague, or other person who knows you, and can speak to your capability to carry out the project.

At the conclusion of the project, you will generate a report describing the backgound and motivation for the work, your methods and activities, the specimens and/or data you collected, how you analyzed the collections, your conclusions, and references.

Cordell Expeditions will be happy to work with you to achieve these goals, and to enable you to complete your project successfully.

Please submit your application to:

Dan Prunty Memorial Exploration Grant
% Cordell Expeditions
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

If you wish to consult about the process, please contact us at