San Felix Island (Chile) Expedition

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The Book/CD

The book contains a full, readable, and often humorous narrative and the full data of the DXpedition. It is hardbound, and is full color throughout. Included is a CD containing hundreds of photos, videos, and other data. This will be the fourth in the series of 3YØPI, XRØZ/Y, VKØIR, ..., written by KK6EK.

Souvenir mug

In addition, we have the traditional souvenir mug, also the fourth in the collectable series 3YØPI, XRØZ/Y, VKØIR, ...

Item Price (US$) Postage in U.S. Postage outside U.S.
Book + CD $25 $3 $12
Mug $10 $3 $7

How to order:

Please send check in U. S. $ to:
Cordell Expeditions
4295 Walnut Blvd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596