More than a thousand people have contributed to the work of Cordell Expeditions. After 25 years, scores of expeditions, dozens of new species, hundreds of new range and depth extensions, and 7 books, we want to get together and share the pride in our accomplishments.
  • 1977 - Cordell Expeditions founded
  • 1978 - First dive on Cordell Bank
  • 1989 - Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary designated by Act of Congress
  • 1990 - Rocas Alijos expedition
  • 1991 - Publication of Ecology of an Underwater Island
  • 1994 - Peter I Island expedition
  • 1995 - Easter Island expedition
  • 1997 - Heard Island expedition
  • 2002 - San Felix Island expedition
Accordingly, we have planned a reunion:
Saturday, 25 Oct. 2003

PRESENTATIONS 1:00-5:00 PM Shorebird Nature Center, Foot of University Avenue, Berkeley
SOCIALIZING 5:30-9:00 PM Cordell Explorer, Dock L, Berkeley Marina, Foot of University Avenue, Berkeley
The event will be open to anyone who has been involved in any way with the Cordell Expeditions projects, and their guests. There is no charge and no reservations are required. It would be very much appreciated if you would let us know in advance that you plan to attend. Just e-mail us at

We would appreciate your help to make this a success. What we need most is your help to locate past participants, and encourage them to attend this event. Please look at the roster to see the names and status of the participants.  If you could volunteer to track a few dozen names, it would make a big difference. Please contact us at