(Below) From 24 May - 3 June 2018, Fred Belton (left) and Robert Schmieder (right) were on Pitcairn Island. We are posed with our hosts Steve and Olive Christian, to whom we are grately indebted for their hospitality.


Domestic Cats of Pitcairn Island

We did a field study of the feral (and pet) cats. Here is a report describing our observations of the cats (64 pgs, PDF 3 MB).. Here are a few of the pictures we obtained:

Cats report

A Report about the project (PDF (2.9 MB)


Foraminifera of Pitcairn Island

We made a collection of fine sediment to search for foraminifera, those microscopic one-celled animals that live everywhere in the world. Using our microscope, we did, indeed, find many forams, almost all of which are new records for the Pitcairn Islands. Here are some images. Here is a preliminary document that describes the foraminifera from Pitcarin and from the Gambier Islands (105 pages, PDF 6.2 MB).