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QSL VIA N2OO OQRS now open! ALL QSL VIA N2OO INFO: Bob Schenck, N2OO/9M6OO. 9M6OO is my callsign used on operations from Sabah, East Malaysia and from Layang Layang Island in the Spratly's. Activity from Sabah: 1989, 1990, 1991, 2003. Activity from Spratly: 1997 & 1999. Hillview Gardens Resort is my favorite DX location. V85OO is my callsign when I operate from Brunei.Old Barney Amateur Radio Club is my local club. South Jersey DX Association is my DX CLUB Other DXpeditions: 1S1DX, 1979 team member, Spratly (did not actually get there). VS5OO, 1979 Brunei. VS6AK, 1979 team member Hong Kong. 9M6MU, 1980 team member East Malaysia. VS5OO/VS5GM, 1980 team member Brunei. KP2A/D, 1981 team member Desecheo. KP2A/KP1, 1982 team member Navassa. N2OO/SV5, 1989 Rhodes. N2OO/SV1 1989 Athens, Greece. 9M6OO, 1989 team member East Malaysia. XX9OO/XX9JG/XX9AF 1989 team member Macau. SV5/N2OO, 1990 Rhodes. SX5AA, 1990 Rhodes CQWW-WPX-CW team member. V85OM, 1990 Brunei. 9M6OO, 1990 East Malaysia. V85OO/V85XYL, 1991 Honeymoon DXpedition with new XYL Beth KF2BQ! 9M6OO/9M6BQ, 1991 Honeymoon DXpedition! VS6/N2OO-VS6/KF2BQ-VS6VO, 1991 Honeymoon DXpedition! N2OO/3-KF2BQ/3, 1995 Assateague Island, Md IOTA NA139. N2OO/p, 1995 Long Beach Island, NJ IOTA NA111. N2OO/p, 1996 Long Beach Island, NJ IOTA NA111. KP2/N2OO 1997 team member St. Croix USVI. 9M6HIL, 1997 team member Grand opening of Hillview Gardens, East Malaysia. 9M6OO, 1997 team member Spratly Islands. N2OO/KH9-N2WB/KH9-N6MZ/KH9-K8XP/KH9 1998 team member WAKE ISLAND. N2OO/p 1998 team member Long Beach Island IOTA NA111. 1999 vacation DXpedition KP2/N2OO with XYL Beth, KP2/KF2BQ in St. Croix, USVI. 1999 Hillview

Gardens Borneo DXpedition: 9M6AAC from East Malaysia, 9M6OO from Layang-Layang Island in the Spratly Islands, and V85OO from Brunei. 1999-2000 W1K Special Event celebrating the end of the 1,000 millennium! The year 2000 found us on a ham vacation to Maui operating as KH6/N2OO and KH6/KF2BQ from the Sea Q Maui Bed and Breakfast! August 2001 was busy. Operated with teams from N2OB Barnegat Lighthouse (NA-111) and W2T Tucker's Island Lighthouse. Then again at N1IBM/p Sheffield Island Lighthouse, CT NA-136. 2002 brought us back to W2T at Tucker's Island Lighthouse in August. Then, in late August we spent a week on Smith Island, Maryland IOTA NA-140 as N2CW/3. August 2003 saw us at the N2OB operation from Barnegat Lighthouse again. In October, I was on the BQ9P DXpedition team that went to Pratas Island. Finally, spent 4 weeks in Sabah, East Malaysia as 9M6OO. Selamat Datang! I was named QSL Manager for the 3Y0X DXpedition to Peter I Island in February 2006. August 2006 brought us back to N2OB Barnegat Lighthouse IOTA NA-111 and W2T at Tucker's Island Lighthouse. I was named Region 2 QSL Manager for VU7RG/VU7MY DXpedition to Lakshadweep Islands in January 2007. Also named as K5D Desecheo QSL Manager February 2009.3Y0X, VU7RG/VU7MY and K5D were all named DXPEDITIONS OF THE YEAR 2006, 2007, 2009. Congratulations to the teams! 2008 CQ DX Hall of Fame inductee. Member of VK9LA Lord Howe Island DXpedition team March/April 2009. July 2009 back to Barnegat Lighthouseteam member of N2OB NA-111, and to W2T in August 2009. QSL Manager for Desecheo K5D DXpedition 2009, Spratly DX0DX 2011, Malpelo HK0NA 2012.

CW-4-EVER!!!! DX IS!!!! de Bob Schenck, N2OO


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