9 Oct. 2011

The Cordell Bank Expeditions group meet annually on the first Sunday before Oct. 10, to reminise and hear the latest news about Cordell Bank and the Cordell bank National Marine Sanctuary. This year we were pleased to be joined by Several major collaborators:

Dr. Paul Silva
, Curator of Alge at the Jepsen Herbarium at U. C. Berkeley, who has accessioned and identified all the algae from the Cordell bank and all other expeditions done by Cordell Expeditions.

Dr. Richard Moe, Curator of Collections, Jepsen Herbarium at U. C. Berkeley, who was a participant in preparatory dives and was present at the very first dive on Cordell Bank on Oct. 20, 2918.

Dr. Mary McGann, U. S. Geological Survey, menlo Park, CA, who classified and identified foraminifera from Cordell bank and other Cordell Expeditions.

Ms. Jennifer Stock, Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

After lunch, Jennifer gave a thrilling presentation on the continuing research by the CBNMS. She also noted that the entire collection of nearly 3000 underwater photographs of Cordell Bank, which was accumulated during the years of the expeditions and was donated last year to the California Academy of Sciences, has been digitized by the Academy, who is preparing them for online public and research access. In addition, she described the upcoming development of a major exhibit at the Oakland Musuem featuring Cordell Bank. The nearly 3000-square-foot exhibit will include portions describing the original exploration by the Cordell Bank Expeditions group. The exhibit should be completed during 2012.

The next CBE annual reunion will be on Oct. 7, 2012, at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schmieder, 4295 Walnut Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925) 934-3735. Anyone who was involved with the exploration of Cordell Bank, and their guests, are invited.